Chemical engineering: Production/Price Data

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Sources available at Monash

Kirk-Otmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology provides an "Economic Aspects" section for chemical entries.

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology provides an "Economic Aspects" section for chemical entries.

For most chemicals and plastics Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN) - Facts and Figures the issue of the first week in July each year (e.g. Volume 91, Issue 26, 1 July 2013; Volume 90, Issue 27, 2 July 2012, etc.) provides data for some major producing countries.

Chemical Engineering (in print or online) updates monthly cost indexes for estimation purposes including Plant Cost Index.

Oil & Gas Journal contains the Nelson-Farrar Cost Index for petroleum refinery construction.

Process Engineering: some articles include production costs and markets.

Business Source Complete:

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Books on Costs/Economics/Statistics

Process industry economics: an international perspectives by D. J. Brennan, Ruby (England) : IChemE, 1998.

Student atlas of world politics by J. L. Allen and E. J. Leppman, 10th ed., Guilford, Conn. : McGrawHill, 2013. This publication includes Tables on World Countries: Basic Economic Indicators, Energy and production Use, Water Resources, and Energy efficiency and emissions.

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BuyersGuideChem (accessed June 2015)

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Sigma-Aldrich catalogue > Products > Chemistry

For chemical prices, ICIS has a dedicated student site (accessed March 2015)

International Polymer Prices (accessed June 2015)

For mineral and metal products the British Geological Survey provides information on World Mineral Production 2000s (accessed March 2015)