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Newspapers in Microfilm

Renmin ri bao

Publisher: Beijing : Ren min ri bao she
Alternative Titles: 人民日报
Dates: 1975 - 2013

Suiyuan ri bao

Publisher: Xincheng, China: Suiyuan Ri bao
Alternative Titles: 绥远日报, Sui Yuan Ri Bao
Dates: 1932 - 1937

The North-China herald and Supreme Court & consular gazette

Publisher: Shanghai, China, North China Herald
Dates: Vol 4, No. 140 (4th Jan 1870) - Vol 221, No. 3876 (19th Nov 1941)
Frequency: Weekly
Language: English

Daily ed.: North-China daily news. 
Merger of: North-China herald and market report, and: Supreme Court & consular gazette, and law reporter for the Supreme & Provincial courts of China & Japan.

Jie fang ri bao = Liberation daily
Publisher: Washington DC, United States: Center for Chinese Research Materials
Dates: No. 1 (16th May 1941) - No. 2130 (27th Mar 1947)
Originally published daily: Yenan, China. 
Includes supplements.

China daily (International edition)

Newspaper Databases

Library Print Holdings -- Taiwan Newspapers

The Free China journal = Tzu yu Chung-kuo chi shih pao (Taipei, Taiwan)
Date: 1984 - present 
Notes: Continued by, Taipei journal (Taipei, Taiwan)

Lian he bao = United daily news (Taipei, Taiwan)
Date: present 
Notes: (incomplete)

Taipei journal (Taipei, Taiwan)
7 Jan 2000-17 Jan 2003 (incomplete)
Date: 2000 - 2003 
Notes: continues Free China journal
Continued by Taiwan journal (Taipei, Taiwan)

Taiwan journal (Taipei, Taiwan)
Full text available online  
Date: 2003 - 2009 
Notes: Continues Taipei journal (Taipei, Taiwan)

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Library Print Holdings -- Chinese Newspapers

Business weekly (Beijing, China)
Publisher: Beijing, China: China Daily
Dates: No 1. (2nd Jan 2001) - No. 113 (8th Apr 2003)
Earlier Title: China daily 
Later Title: China business weekly 
Language: English
ISSN: 0253-9543

China business weekly.
Publisher: Beijing, China: China Daily
Dates: No. 114 (15-21 Apr 2003) - Present
Frequency: Weekly
Earlier Title: Business weekly (Beijing, China) China daily
ISSN: 0253-9543

China daily (International edition)
Publisher: Beijing, China: China Daily
Dates: Vol 1, No. 1 (1st Jun 1981) - Present
Frequency: Daily (except Sunday) Former Frequency: Daily except Sunday and Monday).
Language: English; Chinese
ISSN: 0253-9543

Guang ming ri bao = Guangming ribao = Kuang ming jih pao = Guangming daily
Publisher: Beijing, China, Guang ming ri bao she
Dates: (16th Jun 1949) - Present.
Language: Chinese

Ren min ri bao (Hai wai ban)
Publisher: Beijing, China
Dates: 1948 - present
Frequency: Daily, (except Sundays).
Also known as: 人民日报, Renmin Ribao, People's Daily, Jen-min Jih-pao
Edition: 海外版 = Overseas ed.; Hai wai ban = Overseas ed.

Xin hua ri bao (Nanjing, Jiangsu Sheng, China)
Publisher: Nanjing, Jiangsu, China; 南京市 : 新華日報社; Xin hua ri bao she
Dates: (30th Apr 1949) - Present
Frequency: Daily
Language: Chinese
Issue for 1st Jan 1958 also has title in roman script: Xin hwa ri bao; for 3rd Jan 1958-<25th Nov 1959>, in pinyin : Xin hua ri bao.
Description based on: Di 591 hao (1950 nian 12 yue 16 ri [16th Dec 1950]).
Description based on: 第591號 (1950年12月16日 [16th Dec 1950]).
Microfilm. Hong Kong : Union Research Institute. microfilm reels ; 35 mm.
Microfilm. Beijing : Zhongguo suo wei chu ban wu jin chu kou gong si. microfilm reels ; 35 mm.