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'Linking' to these boxes or pages means your content is automatically updated whenever this source is updated. If there is something not here that you think should be, please add or discuss with libguides-admin@monash.edu

Shared and reusable content

Don't re-invent the wheel. Concentrate on creating your unique content ie record what only you know.

There are already a number of reusable content (shared elements). These are tabs and boxes of common/generic information, you can include in your LibGuide. They can be incorporated as is or you can modify to suit.

Understand the LibGuide meaning of box 'Linking' and box 'Copying'.

Linking: reuse existing LibGuide content and when original content is changed the linked box updates automatically

Copying: creates exact copy of a LibGuide box which you can modify. However content will not update in concert with original

Linking to boxes

Click 'Add new box' in the column where you want the a box from this collection displayed. In the 'Add New Box' action screen, select 'Reuse Existing Box'. In the 'Box to Reuse' drop down menu, choose 'Reusable content (common elements)'. Select desired content box, then select the Position where you want the box to appear. 

If you want to edit the content box to suit your students you will need to tick Make and copy. (see note next to this option)

This new box becomes immediately visible in your guide. Note: box size on your page changes according to whether you have set your page up as a 1, 2 or 3 column page and in which column you place the box.

Reuse existing box

An alternative method is to hover your mouse over the 'edit' link for the desired box. Watch for the tooltip that displays. Note the ID number of the box you are looking at, add a "#" symbol and the box ID to the end of the public URL for your page.

Linking to pages (tabs)

Some of the reusable content is very wordy so it has been subdivided into sections eg see 'Academic sources' tab. This allows you to either incorporate (link) the whole tab into your guide or to intersperse the individual content boxes at appropriate points in your own content.

Possibly some of the reusable / common content needs to exist here as both boxes and pages.

Feedback / suggestions to libguides-admin@monash.edu

To link to an existing page (tab) click on ADD/EDIT PAGES on the command bar and select Add/Reuse page.

  • Select the Library guide the contact the page you want to reuse
  • Select the page and the position for your new page
  • If you want to be able to edit the page, tick Create a copy
  • Tick Hide this page if you need to edit the page before it appears on a published guide

reuse a page

Linking to boxes in other Library Guides

You can link to (or copy) boxes and pages in other Library Guides.

It is good practice to consult with the guide owner, before making use of their content.

Alternatively you may like to collaborate with the guide owner and create content suitable for the reusable content file.