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The Learning skills team

Learning Skills is a team within the Library that is dedicated to enabling students to develop their academic language and approaches to learning

More information about learning skills at the library.

Contacts : sample box incl. SA and Sunway contacts

Contact librarians:
Janet McGarry (Caulfield Library), Penny Presta (Berwick Library), Sue Little (Matheson Library), Marion Slawson (Gippsland Library), TBA (South Africa), TBA (Sunway)

Learning skills advisers
TBA (Caulfield Library), Sebastian Borutta (Berwick Library), Darci Taylor (Matheson Library), Lynette Pretorius (Gippsland Library), TBA (South Africa), TBA (Sunway)

Contacts (Law)

Librarians and Learning Skills Advisers

Librarians assist students with:

  • how and where to start researching your topic
  • effective use of databases and the Internet
  • finding and evaluating information
  • using the Library's collections
  • located at the Information desk, by appointment or online.

Learning Skills Advisers assist students in improving their academic language and approaches to learning, including:

  • academic English
  • study methods and exam preparation
  • effective listening and note-taking
  • problem-solving and critical thinking
  • reading strategies
  • essay, report and thesis writing
  • writing for research projects
  • oral communication and presentation
  • located at a drop in session.