Criminology: ATS3466 - Sex, gender and crime

A subject guide to Monash University Library's resources for students and researchers of Criminology.

In the Field



In the Field

Extra real-world resources centred around your weekly topics for ATS3466 Sex, Gender and Crime.

      Week 1: Introduction to Sex, Gender & Crime

    Week 2: Criminology and Feminist, Masculinity, and Queer Theories

      Week 3: Gendered and Sexed Crimes: Family Violence & IPV

      Week 4: Gendered and Sexed Crimes: Femicide and Anti-Homosexual Homicides

      Week 5: Gendered and Sexed Crimes: Street Harassment

      Week 6: 'Sex'-ual offending: Familial Sexual Activity and Consent

      Week 7: 'Sex'-ual offending: Pornography, Rape, and Revenge Porn

      Week 8: 'Sex'-ual offending: Sex Work

      Week 9: Gender and Justice on the Street: Roles of Police

      Week 10: Gender and Justice in the Courtroom: Decision Making

     Week 11: Gender and Justice in Corrections: Trans Imprisonment and Sex in Prison