Econometrics and Business Statistics: Browsing

Call numbers - browsing the shelves

Monash University libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme to organise books and journals. For example, econometrics is represented by the call number 330.028. The following call numbers are a selected list for browsing the shelves. The most efficient way to find materials is to use Search , however the following may be useful as a guide when browsing the shelves.

Number Subject
330.0151915 Econometrics - asymptotic theory
330.028 Econometrics
330.028 Panel analysis
332.60151 Portfolio management - mathematical models
332.6322 Stocks (shares) including prices, speculation
511.2 Fuzzy logic
Mos 517.25 Time-series analysis
Mos 517.26 Economics - mathematical
519 Commercial statistics

Subject terms - browsing the catalogue

Enter subject terms in Search for an initial overview of the Library's holdings on a topic. Some Accounting-related subject terms are listed below.  To search for specifically Australian information, add 'Australia' to the relevant subject term,
                        eg "Econometrics" Australia

Check the records you find for other relevant subject or topic terms to search on.

  • Game theory
  • Economics, mathematical
  • Bayesian statistical decision theory
  • Decision making, mathematical models
  • Regression analysis
  • Panel analysis
  • Nonparametric statistics
  • Stocks, prices, econometric models

The rise of econometrics: critical concepts in economics by Duo Qin, 2013