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Searching for print and ebook titles in Search

Monash University Libraries have a huge range of education books in print and digital formats. To access them follow these steps:

1. Go to the library home page or portal and click on 'Search'. 

2. Drop down to 'Library Collections'.

3. Type the title straight into the box and click on the item link for further details.

To access a physical copy please click 'Get it' and find the call number. For an ebook please click 'View it' and type in your Monash ID and password.

Example of how to find a title in Search. This includes the title 'Organizing and managing your research: a practical guide for postgraduates' simply typed straight into the box for results.

Screen shot of keyword search using 'education' and 'psychology'. Examples of how to use facets to refine results along lefthand panel.

While you can type author details straight into the Search box, to get a more precise range of results select the 'Advanced' option in Search and drop-down to 'Library Collections'.


Screen shot of the library's Search screen, suggesting users click on the Advanced option to find titles by author.

Follow this by dropping down the box on the left to 'as author/creator' option and type in author details in any order.


Screen shot of drop-down menu of 'as author/creator' option to put in author details.


For access to ebooks simply follow these steps:

1. Type your keywords into Search ('sustainability' + 'education').

2. Select the 'Full text online' facet in the left panel.

3. Select the 'Books' facet and then click on the 'View it' link to access the title.

Steps showing how to find ebooks using sustainability and education keywords. Step 1: type keywords into search box, step 2: click on fulltext link. Step 3: Click on Books link.

This search produces 497 ebook results to filter through.

Screen shot of 'sustainability' and 'education' keywords in Search plus ebook results.


EBL and Springer are the main providers of education ebooks. To find out more please consult the ebooks Library Guide.

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New print titles

What are call numbers?

Call numbers are the address of the book on the shelves. They allow you to locate items in the library according to subject areas.
372.7023 D676B  2012

  1. Locate the first three digits
  2. Locate any digits following the decimal point (Note decimals: 341.1 is after 341.05)
  3. Look for the letter D, then the next set of numbers/letter
  4. The final four digits denote the year of the book

Education call numbers

155.4 Child psychology
306.432 School and society
370.15 Psychology of teaching
370.1523  Learning
371.1 Teachers and teaching
371.5 School discipline
371.7 Student welfare
371.9 Special education
372 Primary education
372.4 Literacy (reading)
372.7 Numeracy (mathematics)
372.86 Physical education
375 Curriculum (CSF)
379 Public policy issues in education
507 Science education
510.7 Mathematics education
613.7 Physical fitness