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Guide to call numbers

The Monash libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme to organise books and journals. This ensures that all materials on similar subject areas are kept together on the shelves. The following call numbers may be useful as a guide when browsing the shelves for Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering and related subject areas.

Numbers Subject
003 Computer systems, information systems
004 Data processing
005 Computer programming, software engineering
006 Expert systems
006.3 Artificial Intelligence
384 Telecommunication
610.28 Biomedical engineering
620 Engineering & allied operations
621.3 Electrical, electronic, communications engineering
621.31 Power generation, storage, transmission
621.34 Magnetic engineering
621.36 Applied optics / Image processing
621.37 Testing and measurement of electrical quantities

Understanding call numbers

A call number (the number placed on the spine of the book) is a combination of letters and numbers to arrange materials by subject.

For example:
"Mechanical vibration by H. Benaroya, 2004" is located at 620.3 B456M 2004.

  • The 620.3 number represents the subject of the book. It is vibration in this case
  • The first letter-and-number section (ie B456) represents the author's last name. The last letter (ie M) represents the first letter of the title
  • The 2004 represents the year of publication

Location of print items

Catalogue record: Holdings infomation

  1. Location: Hargrave-Andrew Library
    Call number: 620.3 B456M 2004
    Spine label reads:
    H 620.3
    The book is shelved in the main book collection which is on the Second level of the Hargrave-Andrew Library
  2. Location: Hargrave-Andrew Library Standards
    The material is shelved on the First level, Standard collection.
  3. Location: Hargrave-Andrew Library Multimedia
    The material is shelved on the First level, Multimedia collection.
  4. Location: Hargrave-Andrew Library Maps
    The material is shelved on the First level, Map Room
  5. Location: Hargrave-Andrew Library Reference
    The material is shelved on the First level, Reference collection.
  6. Location: Hargrave-Andrew Library Theses
    The material is shelved on the Ground level, Compactus Units

Please write down the Call Number and ask the Loans Desk staff for assistance