Engineering: ENG1002-2018-Sem 1

This guide provides a selection of resources for research in Engineering and is intended primarily for undergraduates in Engineering.

ENG1002 Library Session materials


Activity 1: Purpose and appropriateness of information sources


Activity 2: Evaluate these three sources using the CRAAP rubric

Wikipedia entry  / Evaluation form

Steve Spangler Science Website on glow sticks / Evaluation form

Journal article on glow sticks / Evaluation form

Activity 3: Using Library Search and Google Scholar to find information about glow sticks

Library Search

Google Scholar (Note this is the Monash University Library customised version which includes "Check for full text" links for easy access to subscribed resources)


Feedback form







Additional Resources

(Not covered during library session):

Safety Data

Chemwatch is one of the world's largest supplier of independently researched MSDS (Material safety data sheets) and other related documents.

MSDS Australia Online collection of over 25,000 Australian material safety data sheets. The aim is to provide NOHSC compliant MSDS's to the Australian public to foster the safe use of chemicals and other products.

For more information see Databases by Subject: Occupational health and safety

Search Tips Summary

Identifies 3 publication types and how to find them.


Using GoogleScholar for Tourism

Briefly demonstrates Google Scholar Advanced search form techniques such as searching by file type using tourism examples


Recognising different publication types from publication excerpts and IEEE citations