Fine Art: Drawing

A library guide to support studio practice in the fine arts of drawing, painting, sculpture and related disciplines

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  • 604.2  Technical drawing
  • 611.0022  Anatomy
  • 720.284  Architectural drawing
  • 741  Drawing and drawings
  • 741.01 Drawing philosophy and theory 
  • 741.2  Techniques, procedures, apparatus, equipment, materials
  • 741.5  Cartoons, caricatures, comics
  • 741.6  Graphic design, illustration, commercial art
  • 741.672  Fashion drawing
  • 741.9  Collections of drawings by artists, countries, periods
  • 742  Perspective in drawing
  • 743  Drawing and drawings by subject
  • 743.4  Drawing human figures
  • 743.6  Drawing animals
  • 743.7  Drawing plants
  • 743.8  Drawing other subjects
  • 743.9  Collections of drawings by subject (Iconography)   


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Performance drawing

Zhen is currently studying at Monash. As part of 'Kings in the Corner' she created a interactive drawing performance of the Fed Square space whilst her drawing was streamed directly to the Big screen as people interacted and watched the drawing.