Foreign law: Europe

Resources for researching the law in foreign jurisdictions

Encyclopaedias and commentaries

Halsbury's Laws of England (LexisNexis AU)
Provides an overview of EU law with case and statute authorities as applied in the UK.

Kluwer Law Online - International Encyclopedias of Law
Includes EU law for a variety of legal areas.

The Oxford encyclopaedia of European Community law

Translations of French legal texts (LegiFrance)

Featured books


AGLC3 covers European Union and Council of Europe materials in Chapter 13.

See also:

A Citation Manual for European Community Materials (Fordham International Law Journal)

New method of citing the case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union on the basis of the ECLI (European Case-Law Identifier) (2014)

Books on research

Legal Information Institutes

 BAILII hosts the decisions of the ECJ and ECHR

  French Institute of Legal Information (in French)

    Italian National Research Coucil, Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques

Law reports and cases


The Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) interprets and adjudicates disputes over EU law.

The European Court Reports are the official reports of the Court. The digital reports are available from 2012 on Eur-lex.


The European Court of Human Rights rules on individual or State applications alleging violations of the civil and political rights set out in the European Convention on Human Rights.

Official reports:

  • 1960- end of 1995: Series A: Judgments and Decisions (Eur Court HR (ser A)) - Law library level 3 T200 EUR.CT.H.R./A  
  • 1996-  Recueil des arrĕts et décisions ; Reports of Judgments and Decisions (Eur Court HR) - 1996-2007 Law Library level 3 T200 EUR.CT.H.R./A, 1999-2008 and part of 2012 e-Reports online via ECHR website.

Unofficial reports:

Unreported judgments:

EU and domestic courts




Northern Ireland

Index to Northern Ireland cases

Northern Ireland law reports

Citators & Digests:

EU Case Law

A blog about leading judgments of the ECJ, CFI, CST and ECtHR

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European Union

The European Union at a Glance

Official Journal of the European Communities
L series contains text of secondary legislation (regulations, directives, decisions, recommendations, opinions)
C series publishes EU information, notices preparatory acts

Available via:

Research guides and websites

European Union Law: An integrated guide to electronic and print research (LLRX)

European Union Research (NYU)

European Union law resources - Weblaw

EU Bookshop - digital library

European Integration Current Contents
Provides access to the tables of contents of journals relevant in European Integration research

Europa The European Union 0n-Line

European Research Papers Archive: ARENA

Jean Monnet Working Papers
Scholarly papers on European integration from NYU School of Law and the Academy of European Law at the European University Institute.