Geography: Browsing

A guide to resources for the study of geography and environmental sciences

Browsing the shelves

The Monash libraries uses a call numbers to organise books and journals. The most efficient way to locate material in the library is to use Search, however the following may be useful as a guide when browsing the shelves.

304.6 human ecology, human geography
304.6 population, demography
304.8 movement of people
307 communities : including planning and development
307.76 urban communities
333.7-9 natural resources and energy
333.714 environmental impact studies
338 production
338.7 business enterprises
338.9 economic development and growth
363.7 environmental problems : incl. environmental protection and abuse 
551.4 geomorphology and hydrosphere
551.5 meteorology
551.6 climatology and weather
631.4 soil science
910.02 physical geography
912 atlases, maps and charts

What are call numbers

Call numbers are a series of predetermined numbers and letters allocated to items held by the library. They allow items dealing with the same subjects to be located near each other.

Call numbers are basically divided into three parts:

  • subject classification: series of numbers that represent the subject area
  • author classification: series of letters and/or numbers that represent the author or title of the information
  • year of publication or extra author information

Searching for topics or subject headings

To find relevant material on a subject  in Search select  Advanced Search, from the first drop-down box select in subject and enter terms. A list terms matching your search will be listed on the left under Topic.

The following are  examples of subject headings:

  • biological diversity
  • climatic changes
  • community development
  • desertification
  • environmental impact analysis
  • global warming

Subheadings can help to narrow the search. For example:


  • Desertification - Africa
  • Desertification - Control
  • Desertification - Control - Australia
  • Desertification - Control - Research - South Africa
  • Desertification - Remote-sensing maps

    Locating physical materials

      Search includes the collections of all Monash Libraries. 

    Materials for geography and the environmental sciences are mostly located in the Sir Louis Matheson and the Hargrave-Andrew libraries.

    Material from other institutions which may appear in Search may be borrowed by Monash students using a CAVAL card, or by researchers via Document Delivery.