German Studies: Learning German

Guide to German Studies information resources in the Monash University Library

Learning German

German Flag. Image courtesy of the Bridgeman Education database.

In the Library

The library has a range of language textbooks for learning German available. Search for German language -- Textbooks for foreign speakers or German language -- Problems, exercises, etc.

Learning German Online

Bilingual Resources

Looking for ways to practice your German? Bilingual resources are a great way to extend your vocabulary & reading, and to practice your translation skills.

German TV Online

Watching German TV is an entertaining way to improve your German. Most of the videos available will include German subtitles.

Kanopy includes a wide range of classic and contemporary German cinema and is home to The DEFA Film Library's (East) German Film Collection. All movies can be streamed on and off campus.



The library holds several print dictionaries of the German language. Search for German language dictionaries in the library.