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A brief guide to locating federal and state government publication for Australia, and selected other countries.

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We gratefully acknowledge the significant contribution to this guide  made by placement students Caroline Choong, Kirsten Scholz and Elinor French

What are Government or Official publications?

Government or Official Publications are those publications, documents and other information resources  issued by Australian (Commonwealth) and State official bodies ie  the Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary.  Take this link to further information on The Australian system of government.

Key resources-Australian Government publications

Key Search resources For Australian Government Publications

Nearly all Australian  Government publications are now published online and can be found using Google and other web search engines, so this is recomended as the key starting point for finding Government Publications.  The Library 'Search'  is not recommended.   Try these resources if web search engines have not been helpful and contact the Library  if you are still unable to find a Government document. 

Parlinfo-key resource to search for Parliamentary information

Trove-includes publications from Government departments and agencies

Key Websites

Australian Government homepage

Australian Parliament homepage

Australia Law and Justice homepage

Government Website Archive

AGWA Commonwealth websites   2011 on

Citing Government Documents

Library Citing and Referencing Tutorial  Examples under different styles

Reusable Government Data for Research

The Australian , state and territory governments are actively encouraging access to and reuse of  public datasets. To find relevant datasets go to  For more data go to the Datasets page. You can browse the collection by broad topic or Department, search by Keyword and   see the most popular datasets downloaded



Parliament House

Parliament House, Canberra

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