Government Publications: Other Countries

A brief guide to locating federal and state government publication for Australia, and selected other countries.

Other countries


Government Department/Agency Government Online Project
Statistics National Bureau of Statistics of China (English)
Statistics and economic accounting in China



Government Department/Agency

The following sites are available only in Bahasa unless stated otherwise.

Department of Agriculture
Department of Communication and Informatics (English)
Department of Foreign Affairs (English)
Department of Laws and Human Rights
General Elections Commission (KPU)

Indonesian Army
Ministry of Health (English)
Ministry of Trade (English)


Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat (DPR)

Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat (MPR)
MPR Online
Centre for Information on the Legislative process in Indonesia

Statistics Statistics Indonesia
(Central Bureau of Statistics) (BPS)



Government Dept/Agency

The following sites are available in English and Japanese unless otherwise indicated.

Prime Minister of Japan and his Cabinet includes:


Diet & Parliaments
National Diet Library site, includes a full text (Japanese language only) database of the Diet session proceedings since the 1st session (May, 1947)

Japanese Prefectures



Statistics Bureau
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications site

Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan


South Korea (Republic of Korea)

Government Department/Agency

The following sites are available in English and Korean unless otherwise indicated.

Korea eGov (Korean)
Government home page for citizens
Portal site operated by the government Korean Information Service (KOIS). Provides information in English and Korean.

Cheong Wa Dae, Office of the President, Republic of Korea provides information on Korea, past presidents, activities of the Korean government. [Taehan Minguk]

Embassy of the Republic of Korea Canberra, Australia and Consulate General of the Republic of Korea Sydney, Australia

KTV-The National Audio Visual Information Service (Korean)
Use the 'Search' function to find government publications

National Archives & Records Service


Korean Legislation Research Institute
Government financed think tank established in July 1990 to systematically gather and manage information on Acts and subordinate statutes.

Ministry of Government Legislation (MOLEG)
Responsible for the legislative affairs of the executive branch of government.

Supreme Court of Korea
Judicial information.


Bank of Korea
Access to economic statistics (select 'Economic Statistics System (ECOS)'), as well as currency, financial system, payment system, and economic related speeches.

Korea Development Institute (KDI)

Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade (KIET)
provides access to several databases on economic information such as industrial economy, market information.

Ministry of Strategy and Finance
Information on the economy, statistical data, economic policy issues and economic indicators.

North Korea

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK, North Korea)
Korea (Democratic People's Republic) [Choson Minjujuui Inmin Konghwaguk]



Government Department/Agency

Malaysia Government Portal - myGovernment
Malaysian Government services online portal. Use Machinery page for links to Executive - Cabinet Lineup; Malaysian Parliament; Federal government; State government.


Parlimen Malaysia
Provides access to the Senate, House of Representatives, Debates (Hansard), Acts, Committees and Political parties.

Library holdings

Penyata rasmi Dewan Negara, (1959-1969), Dewan Negara, Parlimen, Kuala Lumpur.


Department Of Statistics, Malaysia
Official statistics agency. 


New Zealand

Government Department/Agency

New Zealand
Official government website containing texts of speeches, press releases, policy papers and Cabinet Minister's publications


New Zealand Parliament


Statistics New Zealand
New Zealand's national statistical office providing census, economic, environmental and social statistics.


South Africa

Government Department/Agency

South Africa Government Online
Official entry point to South African government and related information. Site includes:


Statistics South Africa
Data about the population and economy



Government Department/Agency

Royal Thai Government
Includes Schedule of Events, Speech & Press Release, Cabinet Synopsis and Urgent Policies, etc. Requires Internet Explorer to see all navigation options.

Thai Government Public Relations site


Thai National Assembly

Includes information on Members of Parliament, House of Representatives, the Senate, committees and the constitution.



National Statistical Office of Thailand run by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology