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Key Resources


Government Gazettes from 2001 to current are available on the NSW Legislation website.

Digistied copies of the NSW Government Gazette from 1832 are available through Trove's Government Gazette page.

From 1803 to 1842 government notices were printed in the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser. Digitised copies are available on Trove

Parliamentary Publications

Bills introduced since 1990 are available on the NSW Legislation website. Current session bills are available on the Parliament of New South Wales website.

Hansard is available on the Parliament of New South Wales website. 

NSW Legislation

Acts as originally passed by Parliament, from 1824 can be browsed on the NSW Legislation website.

The full text of Acts as originally passed by Parliament, from 1990 can be searched on the NSW Legislation website.

For more information please consult the law library guide on NSW Legislation


Monash University Holdings

Debates (Hansard)


1831 to 1879 see Sydney Morning Herald for published debates

1880 to 1996 (incomplete) Parliamentary debates (Hansard)

Parliamentary Papers

New South Wales. Legislative Council. Votes and proceedings of the Legislative Council (1824-1850)

Note: From 1856 on there were two houses, the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly. Most Parliamentary Papers are common to both houses and are included in the Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly and Associated Papers.

New South Wales. Parliament. Votes and proceedings of the Legislative [Assembly / Council], (1832-1879), Government Printer, Sydney.

New South Wales. Parliament. Parliamentary papers, (1981-present), [Parliament, Sydney]

Note: These are located on the shelves before the earlier volumes. They are NOT bound in numerical order. Use the index at the beginning of the first volume of the bound series to find Volume and Page number.

Indexes: Sessional Indexes are at the beginning of the first Volume of bound series of Votes and Proceedings and Journals.

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