Health Sciences: Journals

Guide to resources for assessment tasks in health issues, health education and public health

Does Monash hold this journal?

Using Basic search, type the exact Journal title (in quotation marks) and click Go.  From the results screen refine your results using the Journals facet on the left side of the screen. 

If finding a journal using Advanced search, select in the title from the drop-down list and enter the journal title (but omit the initial article if there is one).  Select Journals in the Material type drop-down list.  Click Go.

Alternatively, search the Electronic journals page for the journal title.

Peer reviewed journals

Peer review is a formal process whereby any article submitted to a journal or conference is sent to several established scholars in that field of study, who may suggest improvements.

To see if a journal is peer-reviewed you could check the Ulrich's website via the library databases page.  Search by journal title. 

Journal alerts

If there are key journals in your field of research, it might be useful to set up email Alerts for them.  When a new issue of the publication is released you will receive an email that contains a list of all the articles in that issue.

The easiest way to set up an Alert is find the journal title in SEARCH and link to the database, then look for an “Alert” option on the journal home page.