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Most Monash University libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme to organise books and journals. The most efficient way to locate material in the library is to use Search, however the following may be useful as a guide when browsing the shelves.

332.04 International finance
337 International economic relations
337.94 Australia - foreign economic relations
338.88 International business enterprises
338.95 International business and economics- Asia
382.1 International trade
382.3 Protectionism (trade protection)
382.701 Tariffs
382.9 International economic integration
382.91 Trade blocs
658.16 Strategic alliances (business)
658.42 Top management (corporate governance)
658.049 Competition, international
658.84 International marketing

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Competition, international

Comparative advantage

International trade

International business enterprises


Export marketing



Foreign trade regulation

Investments, foreign

Trade facilitation defining, measuring, explaining and reducing the cost of international trade