International law: Public international law

Includes resources for Public international law, Private international law and Human rights.


Search for and read electronic books on international law published by Brill

Oxford Scholarship Online - Law contains many ebooks on international law.

Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law - access to leading books on internaitonal law.

OECD publications can be accessed online via OECD iLibrary

Browse the Law Library shelves on Level 3 at call numbers starting with:

T (Treaties)
U (United Nations)
W (Treatises, comprehensive works)
X (Law of the sea, Air and space law, War)
Y (International crimes, International trade)
Z (Other international law subjects)

Staying up-to-date

Citing & Referencing

The AGLC3 covers international materials in Part IV:

Chapter 7 - Treaties
Chapter 8 - United Nations Materials
Chapter 9 - International Court of Justice
Chapter 10 - International Arbitral & Tribunal Decisions
Chapter 11 - International Criminal Tribunals & Courts
Chapter 12 - International Econoic Materials
Chapter 13 - European Supranational Materials

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Key sources of international law

Article 38(1) of the Statute of the International Court of Justice sets out the sources of international law used by the Court.

Take a look at this Timeline of the History of International Law (Oxford Academic)


International treaties & conventions

Court & tribunal decisions

International yearbooks & periodicals (Hein Online) reflecting the Custom of Nations

International Legal Materials (ILM) reproduces the full-text of international materials (also available on Westlaw, Lexis and in print).

Foreign & international law resources database (Hein Online)

Harvard Research in International Law (Hein Online)

Oxford Public International Law (OUP) - portal to OUP databases: Oxford Reports on International Law, Max Planck Encyclopaedia of Public International Law, and Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law.

Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law (OSAIL) Contains full-text online editions of market-leading reference works and treatises published by Oxford University Press, such as Oppenheim, and the Oxford Commentaries on International Law.

Researching areas of International Law


Global Arbitration Review



Commercial Law

Kluwer competition law


UNILEX on CISG & UNIDROIT principles : international case law & bibliography

Criminal Law

ICL database & commentary

International Criminal Court

International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

International Criminal Courts for the Former Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone: A Guide to Online and Print Resources (GlobaLex)

International Criminal Tribunals: A Visual Overview (Leitner Center for International Law and Justice at Fordham Law School)

Oxford reports on international criminal law

Human Trafficking

Asia Pacific Forced Migration Connection (APFMC)

Human Trafficking Database (Michigan Law School)

UNODC Human Trafficking Case Law Database

Intellectual Property

Collection of laws for electronic access : CLEA

Intellectual Property Law Collection (Hein Online)

TRIPS [ trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights ]
material on the WTO website
. (includes History: derestricted Uruguay Round negotiating documents on TRIPS)

Labour Law

Globalization and labor standards : GALS bibliographic library

ILOLEX : database of international labour standards


Law of the Sea

International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS)

Refugee Law

RefLaw - an online forum offering critical analysis on important new cases, legislation, and emerging issues in refugee law.

Refworld (UNHCR)

OUP Resources on Refugee Law (free access to over 30 book chapters, journal articles and online content from OUP) 


IBFD (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation)



World trade online : the online source for world trade law

WTO Documents Online

United Nations

Ask DAG - Find answers to FAQs about the UN

Audiovisual Library of International Law 
Historic archives, lecture series and Research library

UNBISnet : UN bibliographic information system

United Nations diplomatic conferences

United Nations documentation: research guide

United Nations iLibrary 
Access publications, journals, data, and series published by the United Nations Secretariat, and its funds and programs.

United Nations official documents : ODS

United Nations treaty collection

United Nations website - international law

Researching the United Nations (GlobaLex)

United Nations - Maps

League of Nations Official Journal, Special Supplement  195 v. 1920-1946 (print)

UN System Chart (click image to enlarge)

UN System Chart (pdf)

Jessup Moot

ILSA Jessup Moot Competition site

The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition Compendium (Hein Online) contains award winning memorials, problems, bench memoranda and official rules, as well as articles from:

  • ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law
  • ILSA Journal of International Law
  • ILSA Quarterly

The Law Library holds DVDs of the final rounds of the winning teams from 2000 to the current year and print versions of the memorials.

Researching international law [PDF] (Jessup Guide)

Jessup video clips