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Users can find some materials on Korean architecture from several databases

Key Korean databases for architecture [subscription service]*

From the eKorean Studies : Korean studies database 한국학데이터베이스 **

From KSI (Korean Studies Information) 한국학술정보(주) **

From Nurimedia 누리미디어

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From the National Library of Korea 국립중앙도서관 (國立中央圖書館)

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From on the Web

Korean architecture models, the University of Melbourne

East Asian Architecture Student Works (Course: Asian Architecture B; Lecturer: Prof. Qinghua Guo, Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, the University of Melbourne)

  • Nok-Yak-Jeong (녹약정 綠若亭) (see above) by Ross Berryman, Min Soo Park, Ting yu Frank Fu and Simon Sieradzki, 2011.
  • Asian Architectural Models database (Students who would like to participate the Asian Architecture Model Database Project, please consult Prof. Guo for the details)
    Korean Architecture Models in this database are as below (as at 30 June 2011):
    • Kunjongjon Hall, Gyeongbokgung Palace (근정전 勤政殿, 경복궁 景福宮) by Seung-Wook Son, David Fung, and Isaac Wong, 2008.
    • The Gate to Traveling Official's Inn (江陵客舍門) by Li, Qinyuan, 2007.
    • Silleuksa Chosadang (神勒寺 祖師堂) by Ko, Gary, 2004.
  • East Square Pavilion (東十字閣) by Tommy Tsang and Jenny Chen, 2002.

Library holdings on Architectural Conservation in Korea

Image from 전주 풍남문 (全州 豊南門)

Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea  문화재청, Japanese, Chinese

  • Korean National Heritage Online 국가문화유산포털 (in Korean)
  • 實測 調査/修理 報告書 실측 조사/수리 보고서, to access (문화재청>행정정보>문화재도서>간행물)
    Number of publications by topics among total 4,664 publications as at 2 February 2018:
    • 建築文化財 건축문화재 (383 eBooks)
    • 宮陵管理 궁능관리 (239 eBooks)
    • 發掘調査 발굴조사 (394 eBooks)
    • 文化財修理 문화재수리 (254 eBooks)
    • 古都保存 고도보존 (28 eBooks)
    • 文化財活用 문화재활용 (81 eBooks)
    • 史蹟 사적 (110 eBooks)
    • 其他 기타 reports, journals, research materials (1728 eBooks)
  • eBook (전자도서보기) and PDF file (PDF 다운로드) available through the site.

UNESCO World Heritage Center – Republic of Korea

  • 한국의 세계문화유산 (문화재) = 韓國의世界文化遺産 (文化財)
    - Baekje Historic Areas (2015) 백제역사유적지구 = 百濟歷史遺跡地區
    - Changdeokgung Palace Complex (1997) 창덕궁 = 昌德宮
    - Gyeongju Historic Areas (2000) 경주역사유적지구 = 慶州歷史遺蹟地區
    - Haeinsa Temple Janggyeong Panjeon, the Depositories for the Tripitaka Koreana Woodblocks (1995) 해인사 장경판고 = 海印寺 藏經板庫
    - Historic Villages of Korea: Hahoe and Yangdong (2010) 한국의 역사 마을: 하회와 양동 = 韓國의 歷史 마을: 河回와 良洞
    - Hwaseong Fortress (1997) 수원화성 = 水原華城
    - Jongmyo Shrine (1995) 종묘 = 宗廟
    - Namhansanseong (2014) 남한산성 = 南漢山城
    - Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty (2009) 조선왕릉 = 朝鮮王陵
    - Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa Temple (1995) 석굴암 & 불국사 = 石窟庵 & 佛國寺
  • Korean National Commission for UNESCO 유네스코한국위원회

National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage  국립문화재연구소 [日本語] [中國語]

Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation 한국문화재보호재단

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ABPL 90146 Architectural conservation in East Asia: 2018
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