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Monash University Law Review (Hein Online) ; current issue

Law Institute Journal  (LIV website - subscription)

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Read papers by Monash Faculty of Law academics - free downloads via the SSRN Monash University Faculty of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series
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Law Review Commons - contains over 75,000 articles from open-access law reviews with issues dating from 1904.

Key full-text Australian law journal databases

Search the full-text of Australian law journals online, using the following databases:

Key foreign law journal databases and repositories

These databases also include articles with Australian content or articles written by Australian authors. 

What are journal articles?

Journal articles provide a depth of analysis and opinion which will inform your argument, especially when writing research essays. Use journal articles to:

  • provide an overview on the law related to a research topic
  • focus on a more specific or specialised aspect of the law
  • provide current information, not yet available in text books
  • summarise a recent case or legislative amendment
  • provide scholarly opinions of experts to backup your argument
  • lead you to other articles or cases on similar points of law
  • provide discussion on proposed reforms to the law.

This page provides information on relevant databases used to identify and locate articles on a legal topic. To check what journals the Library subscribes to, use Search to find a particular journal, or browse the Law category in electronic journals

Key journal databases for Australian law

Finding full-text

If you find an article record that does not provide full text, look for a link. Clicking this will open a new window to show you where the full-text can be located, or provide a direct link to the journal record in Search.

Note - not all databases have this facility, so, alternatively, use Search.

To help with locating the article and citing it, always make a note of the journal details (title, volume, issue, year and starting page number) as well as the author and title of the article.

If using Google Scholar off-campus to search for articles, set the Scholar Preferences to recognise Monash University (under Library Links) so that you can link through to subscribed full-text journals for participating publishers.

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