Legislation: New South Wales

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New South Wales

New South Wales

Acts and Regulations


  • Acts, 1824 to 2016
  • Reprinted Acts, no longer updated
  • Rules, regulations and by-laws, 1917 to 2009
  • Reprinted regulations, no longer updated

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NSW Legislation (Parliamentary Counsel's Office)
Official site - provides online access to current and historical NSW legislation.

Weekly bulletin (Parliamentary Counsel's Office)
Summary of legislative activity, including a list of bills introduced and passed, gazetted information such as acts assented to, proclamations and regulations and a list of reprinted Acts and Regulations.

Bills and EMs

Bills, 1976 to 1999

Explanatory Notes, 2008, 2009, 2011  (Level 3, Law Library Store)

Bills (Parliament of NSW)

NSW Consultation drafts (Parliamentary Counsel's Office) full text of draft Bills.

Parliamentary debates (Hansard)

Hansard & House Papers - NSW Parliament 1824 to present

Comprehensive index to all parliamentary documents available online


New South Wales 2001 to present

NSW Government Gazettes: 1836 to 1839 (digitised on Victorian Government Gazette site)


Historical legislation