Marketing: Citing and Referencing

The importance of citing and referencing

When presenting ideas developed from researching and analysing existing knowledge you must acknowledge the sources of that knowledge so that:

  • the readers of your work can find the original sources
  • the authors of the original sources are given credit for their work
  • your research for the work is evident
  • your work has credibility

You must acknowledge what you have read to avoid plagiarism.

Refer to the Q Manual Chapter 3: Academic Integrity

Guides for citing and referencing

Students of the Faculty of Business and Economics are generally expected to use the APA Style (6th edition) for citing and referencing.  It is used extensively in social sciences disciplines.

Refer to Chapter 3.2 of the Faculty's Q Manual  for an introduction to the APA Style with an emphasis on citing and referencing resources relevant to business and economics. 

For general information on when and where to reference, refer to the Library's Citing and referencing online tutorial.

Citing Australian Bureau of Statistics Sources