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Marketing: Hackathon

Library Resources for HACKATHONS

The Companies and industries databases page is an excellent starting point.

 Which databases to use, and when …….

The Library subscribes to many databases that contain different types of information/data. Explore these databases to find the best resources for your project.

For information about:

 Import or export markets

Importing into Australia: If you are looking to import/market your product into Australia the database IBISWorld will give you a crucial introduction to the industry and key competitors in Australia. The database Factiva will have useful newspaper and magazine articles. The Australian Governments Austrade web site has useful information on Australian markets and import regulations to help overseas businesses import their goods into Australia.

Exporting from Australia: If you are looking to export/market your product out of  Australia the database Passport will give you a crucial background introduction to the consumer trends relating to the product and country you are researching. The Australian Government's Austrade web site has useful information on overseas markets to give Australian businesses a competitive advantage as they plan to move into overseas markets.

Other resources to consider are: