Marketing: MKF1120

Interactive tutorials

Try the following short online tutorials to develop your database search skills:

Searching for journal articles in Business Source Complete 

Accessibility document  (doc 6.2 MB)

Searching the Factiva news database 

Accessibility document  (doc  3.9 MB)

video icon Quick tips for database searching

Link to Q Manual

Link to Q Manual for advice on....

Academic Writing skills (Chapter 5)

Academic Integrity (Chapter 3)

Presentation skills (Chapter 6)

Citing and referencing

APA style referencing guide

The second tab of the Citing and referencing Library guide is APA

What is a quality academic journal article?

Seeking advice from Librarians and Learning Skills Advisers

Getting started on the essay assignment

Assessment Task 

You are to write an essay explaining:

  • The importance of marketing
  • The concept of customer value; and
  • The link between marketing and customer value.

Tip: You should focus on explaining and drawing links between fundamental concepts, rather than on specific marketing strategies and tactics.

You must use the product specified as the example .. T2 ..  to explain these concepts.

Your task:

  • Read your assignment and follow ALL the instructions carefully.
  • Find relevant information from a range of sources, including academic sources, about the products and company (demonstrate your research skills)
  • Look at the product website for more information.
  • Gain an understanding of the product and services offered.

The lecturer has indicated that you should be aiming to blend theory and practice.


Suggested information resources

Searching for sources

Your Lecturers have suggested that you start with the prescribed reading in Moodle. The lecturer has indicated that the the Smith & Colgate article will provide you with a detailed foundation  on the concept of customer value... the lecturer has also suggested that this article should probably be one of the academic sources you cite in your essay. Note that the Smith & Colgate article has a number of key articles and books in its reference list which you can search for in the Library catalogue "Search".

The lecturers require that you use information from a variety of sources.

Textbooks and journal articles will help you find authoritative definitions of "marketing" and "customer value".

The assignment task indicates that you are expected to use at least five (5) sources of information.

Two (2) of which should be quality academic journal articles. To look for these sources you may begin by looking at:

  • The journal articles listed in Moodle that are prescribed reading
  • Additional journal articles. A good place to start to find one or two additional academic quality journal articles are in databases like Business Source Complete and Proquest

Three (3) additional sources, for example.......

  • The product website...  have a look for detailed information about the product
  • Social media such as customer product review blogs
  • Newspaper and magazine articles:  A useful source for these is the Factiva database. 

Searching for additional resources in the Library databases

Your Lecturers have suggested that you start with the prescribed readings in Moodle and the references you find at the end of those articles. If you want to add to these resources you could search for one or two extra references in the Library databases.

Work through the 10-12  minute interactive tutorial "Searching for journal articles in Business Source Complete" in the left hand box above to build your database searching skills, and then get started in the database Business Source Complete:

If you are looking for academic quality articles make sure that you also tick the Scholarly (Peer reviewed) journals  box to limit the results to the better quality academic articles.

The truncation symbol * will result in finding articles that mention the singular and plural form eg. sport* will retreive sport/sports/sportsperson

When searching  use related terms and synonyms using the boolean operator  OR.

There will be quite a few results...scan the article titles and the journal titles to work out which articles have a useful general coverage of the topic.

You are welcome to send Andrew Dixon (the Marketing Subject Librarian at Caulfield ) an email or ask at the Research & Learning Point at the Caulfield Library if you want further assistance finding relevant articles or want to check if the material you have found is relevant and useful.


It is crucial to reference where you found the evidence that you are using to support your argument in the essay. Referencing is the academic way of presenting information that is not  your own words. You avoid plagiarism by referencing appropriately.

Plagiarism is an academic offence that has very serious consequences to your future as a student at Monash. Avoid plagiarism at all costs! Refer to Chapter 3.1 "Working with academic integrity" in the Q Manual.

Refer to the Q manual (Chapter 3.2) for Referencing APA style. This style is commonly used by your faculty when citing and referencing.