Marketing: MKX5371

Getting started

This advice focusses on  the task in 2 (a) relating to the strategic issue you will focus on and the firm you are using as your case.

Company and industry research

The assignment task requires that you gather information for the background of your case.

The assessment task specifies…. “Background to the case: what is the strategic issue that your chosen firm is dealing with? In this section tell us something about the case. What is the firm, what does it specialise in, how large is it, what is its financial history, who are its main competitors, what is the state of the competitive environment? (5%)”

Students are strongly advised to explore the resources available on their proposed topic through the library databases pages before finalising their topic choice. From past experience choosing companies listed on the ASX ensures that sources like Annual Reports will be readily available.

As you get started the databases that Monash subscribes to  listed our Companies and industries databases page   will be  crucial sources of readily available and reliable information.

The database IBISWorld has excellent reports which cover industry background  company information and competitive environment for Australian and Chinese industries.

The database Passport is a valuable starting point with comprehensive information on global  and country-based industry and service reports with a focus on B2B in the "industrials" section of the database. Also use the search box on the top right hand side of the web page

To find quality academic journal articles relating to the theoretical perspective of your topic students are advised to use the library databases Business Source Complete and Proquest.

Your lecturer has specified that you use at least ?? references. The lecturer has indicated that ??  of these should be academic journal articles relating to the  theoretical perspective of your topic.

Students are welcome to email queries to the Marketing Subject Librarian .... 

Finding articles on the theoretical aspects of the assignment

This assignment is focussing on B2B and students will find information by using search tems such as B2B Or Business-to-business

The best databases to get started would be Business Source Complete and Proquest-ABI Inform.