Marketing: MKX5955

Interactive tutorials

Try the following short online tutorials to develop your database search skills:

Searching for journal articles in Business Source Complete (embedded swf, 6.9 MB)

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Searching the Factiva news database (embedded swf, 3.6 MB)

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video icon Quick tips for database searching

Seeking advice from Librarians and Learning Skills Advisers

Advice on researching the individual proposal & team-based assignment.

For these tasks students are advised to focus on the operations of their chosen  company brand and/or product or service  in its "home" country and give consideration to why it would be advantageous to expand their market to the country/market you are proposing. You are also expected to clearly identify the target market and market segments and explain your market entry strategy.

Students are strongly advised to explore the resources available on their proposed topic through the library databases pages before finalising their topic choice. Companies listed on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) will have Annual Reports available.

The database Passport is a valuable starting point with comprehensive information on products and consumers from around the world. Use the search box on the top right hand side of the web page.

The database IBISWorld has excellent reports which cover industry background and company information for Australian and Chinese industries.

The Companies and industries databases page has many other useful resources.

Importing into Australia: If you are looking to import/market your product into Australia the database IBISWorld will give you a crucial introduction to the industry and key competitors in Australia. The IBIS World Australian Specialised Reports may also be useful. The database Factiva will have useful newspaper and magazine articles. The Australian Governments Austrade web site has useful information on Australian markets and import regulations to help businesses based overseas import their goods into Australia.

Exporting from Australia: If you are looking to export/market your product out of  Australia the database Passport will give you a crucial background introduction to the consumer trends relating to the product and country you are researching. The Australian Governments Austrade web site has useful information on overseas markets to give Australian businesses a competitive advantage as they plan to move into overseas markets.

To find quality academic journal articles for the sections on Market segmentation and targeting, Marketing objectives and Marketing mix strategies students are advised to use the library databases Business Source Complete and Proquest.

Your lecturer has specified that you use at least ?? references. The lecturer has indicated that ??  of these should be academic journal articles relating to marketing strategy from a theoretical perspective and the remaining ?? will be trade or other  sources from which you have found information such as statistics or news/analysis relating to the market for your product.

Students are welcome to email queries to the Marketing Subject Librarian ....