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Monash College : Citing & referencing

A guide to library resources and services for Monash College staff and students.

Citing and referencing

After you have found high quality information for your assignment, you need to cite in-text and create a reference list.

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Citing and referencing

Citing and referencing correctly is important for several reasons:

  • it acknowledges someone else's work
  • it helps your reader to find and verify the sources you have read
  • it avoids plagiarism.

Cite: quote or paraphrase within the text of your assignment

References: list at the end of your assignment that gives complete information about all the sources of information used in the assignment

The links below take you to resources to help with citing and referencing in the appropriate style.

Faculty of Business and Economics students

Students of the Faculty of Business and Economics are generally expected to use the APA style (6th edition) for citing and referencing.

Chapter 3 of the Faculty's Q Manual is a guide to how to use APA Style for resources relevant to business and economics.   

FAQ : How do you cite and reference web sites in APA style?

APA reference activity