Politics and International Relations: Databases

This guide will introduce you to resources for politics and international relations.

Popular databases

Faculty Selections

General Platforms

Research Intelligence

Key databases for Politics and International Relations

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What is a database and why should I care?

Databases are collections of information organised so that they can be easily access, managed and updated.

Library databases incclude collections of journal articles, books or book chapters, conference proceedings, statistical or other data, governments and other documents. 

They usually provide the latest research findings in a particular discipline, although many databases also include articles documents dating back many years. 

Most databases are discipline or subject based with closely defined coverage of a particular area of research. Multidisciplinary databases will cover a range of research areas.

Database provide students and researchers with a more strategic approach to research than in possible when just using Google or even Google Scholar

Developing a search strategy

Interactive online module enabling you to develop the skills to search databases effectively (Approximate duration: 10 minutes.)