Politics and International Relations: Honours/Masters by coursework

This guide will introduce you to resources for politics and international relations.

Developing a search strategy

Interactive online module enabling you to develop the skills to search databases effectively (Approximate duration: 10 minutes.)

Searching tips

What are the key concepts of your topic?

For example research on the role of minority parties in the Australian political environment

(1) minority party    (2) australian politics

Are there alternative terms which may describe the topic?

  1. minor parties; Independents;Greens; Democrats    
  2. Australia Politics; Government; Power

Construct the search into a logical structure to ensure you retrieve relevant results. 

Rockwell Schrock Boolean Machine

All synonyms joined by "OR"; all concepts joined by "AND"

For honours and postgraduate students

  • generous borrowing conditions – see About borrowing (unlimited items for 6 weeks, and up to 6 renewals may be available) 
  • dedicated study facilites at the major libraries -  see Study spaces
  • training in the use of Endnote software or particular resources  - see Programs and drop-ins
  • specialist staff with knowledge in your discipline for advice at any stage of your studies - see Research and learning staff
  • Document delivery services, if Monash does not hold the item you want - see Document Delivery
  • Suggest a purchase - we encourage you to recommand material to add to the library's collection to support your research. Discuss this with your librarian, Katalin Mindum (Matheson Library) or Janet McGarry (Caulfield Library) or fill in the suggestion form

Faculty support

Honours information and support from the Faculty of Arts

Writing successful essays

Successful essay writing takes time and requires specific skills. Look at this mind map, which contains helpful tips and tricks, and just click on the topic that interests you to learn more.

Finding theses

Comprehensive information on theses, click here Theses - Library Guides, Monash University Library.

Finding theses in Search

Search by Author and/or Title, or
Search by Keywords
Include the word thesis OR dissertation in your search to find all relevant items.
You can also narrow the search down by PhD theses by searching for ph.d
For example to find Monash theses in politics, type monash thesis politics and refine the search further using the facets on the left of the Search screen.
Finding full text Monash PhD theses

To date almost 1,000 Monash PhD theses have been digitised.  They can be searched, browsed and viewed at the Monash University Research Repository.

Non Monash theses

Theses from other universities are sometimes available for Interlibrary loan through the Document delivery service, or it may be possible to order a copy either for the library collection or for yourself.

  • Check first for full text. Check Trove (Australia/New Zealand) and/or sources listed in International theses
  • Order a copy for the library collection - obtain approval from supervisor or contact librarian
  • Place a document delivery request (type "thesis" in Notes or after the title). If unable to obtain a loan, the library will either purchase a copy for the collection or for your personal use only. Postgraduates may be asked to obtain approval from supervisor or contact librarian.