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Slavic Studies: Postgraduates

A guide to Slavic Studies resources at Monash University Library, including the Ada Booth Slavic Collection

Document Delivery Service

The Library has extensive print and online resources. Research staff and postgraduate/honours students also have access to the Document Delivery Service through which you can request material not available at Monash.

Research Support

Promoting your research

  • Monash University Publishing uses new technologies to publish the University’s research activities. You may wish to consider publishing your work online and in print with Monash University Publishing.

eThesis submissions

An eThesis is a digital copy of your doctoral thesis. All doctoral candidates enrolling as of 1st July 2005 are required to submit an eThesis at the conclusion of their examination. The eThesis will provide a primary record for archiving purposes.

Please note that candidates enrolled under a cotutelle arrangement, Staff PhD, MD (unsupervised) and MPhil degrees are exempt from submitting an eThesis.

Candidates submitting an eThesis may choose to publish through the Monash University ARROW Repository.

You may consult the full Monash University eThesis Policy on eThesis submission.

More information about ethesis submissions

Graduate Research

Theses at Monash

The Monash University Library provides access to theses submitted at Monash University and also to theses from other universities in Australia and internationally.

Theses available in the library can be found using Search. Formats include print, microfiche and digital (online).

These include:

  • Monash doctoral, masters and a small number of honours theses available in print or on microfiche
  • Other Australian and Overseas theses that have been purchased for the collection


Finding Slavic theses in the library

Using SEARCH, type in a topic word such as Russia or Russian and thesis, add the word monash if you are just looking for Monash University theses. Use the wildcard * to cover different word endings, such as Russia* for Russia and Russian.


Digital theses (theses available online)

  • Monash doctoral theses from 2010- submitted to the Monash University Research Repository
  • Australian theses in Trove or directly via the institution where the thesis was submitted
  • Overseas theses via online research repositories or discipline related databases.


Finding Slavic theses not available at Monash libraries

A good starting point to find Slavic theses not available through SEARCH is to try searching the catalog of national libraries. For Russian theses, this would be the Digital Library collection provided by the Russian State Library which includes the Digital Dissertation Library. If you need help finding a Slavic thesis that is not available at Monash libraries, ask your contact librarian Anna Rubinowski.

Accessing theses not available at Monash libraries.

Honours theses

Honours theses are not held in the library. To access Honours theses enquire at the relevant University department.

Theses databases

To find a complete list of the databases available through Monash libraries containing theses, please go to our A-Z databases guide.

Some popular databases are listed below:

Writing a Literature Review or Thesis

A literature review traditionally provides an historical overview of the theory and the research literature, with a special emphasis on the literature specific to the thesis topic.

A thesis is a lengthy research work written to prove a theory or proposition.

There are a lot of books to help with the writing. Have a look at the library resources below, and use the subject headings of these resources to find more on the topic of thesis writing.