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Slavic Studies: ATS3124 - Everyday Life in the Soviet Union

A guide to Slavic Studies resources at Monash University Library, including the Ada Booth Slavic Collection

ATS3124 Presentation Slides from Library Research Session

Books on the History of the Soviet Union

Searching and Finding Resources on Eastern Europe and Russia

The Library catalogues all titles in Slavic languages in transliteration. Transliteration is used to display the Cyrillic alphabet using Roman characters. The transliteration follows the transliteration tables provided by the Library of Congress for various non-Roman languages (ALA-LC Romanization Tables: Transliteration Schemes for Non-Roman Scripts), including Slavic and non-Slavic languages that use the Cyrillic alphabet. 

Only titles acquired in the last few years will have the original Cyrillic title included in the catalogue record, therefore it is important to be familiar with the correct transliteration method used. Check individual databases to find more information on what transliteration standard was used.

Click on the thumbnail below to open an infographic that introduces some helpful strategies to find resources for your Eastern European, Russian or Soviet Studies:

Primary Sources


Scholarly Sources