Sociology: Journals

What is a journal?



Monash Library has millions of online academic journals for you to use.

A journal is a regularly published forum where researchers and scholars report their findings and ideas. Journals are ongoing publications, also sometimes referred to as serials or periodicals.

Below are some of the key journals for Criminology. All of our online journals can be searched by title in A-Z eJournals.

A few things to know about Monash Library journals:

1. The easiest way to find academic journal articles for an assignment is in the Databases. Each database has thousands of journals, so searching there is faster. Use the individual journals listed here for finding a specific class eading, for browsing, or for reading for interest.

2. Most journals at Monash Library are only available online, but there are also archives of print journals at Matheson Library. Ask at the Information Point if you need help finding them. 

2. Magazines and newspapers are also a kind of journal. You can use the News and Newspapers tab to find specific news or newspaper resources, including Australian and TV news.

Social issues Australia online

Australian Policy Online
Provides access to annotated entries for much of the best Australian social, economic, cultural and political research available online. APO is maintained by the Institute for Social Research in the Faculty of Life and Social Sciences at Swinburne University.

Inside story: Politics, Society and Culture
Drawing on a network of writers, researchers and correspondents in Australia and overseas, Inside Story investigates the forces shaping contemporary politics, society and culture.

Creative Economy
News and research on creative industries, innovation and society.

Online Opinion- Australia's e-journal of social and political debate

Is it peer reviewed?

What is peer review, and how do you know if a journal is peer reviewed?

Find out in this online tutorial.

Electronic journals

All electronic journals

All electronic journals (some full-text) for the faculty of Arts

Using 'Search' to find journal articles

can be used to find journal articles on a topic as well as other resources. It is not a comprehensive search and sometimes returns too many resources  that are not relevant. Try 'search'  but  we also  recommend you use subject specific databases for a more targetted approach

See the right column of this page to find out how to use Library databases for Sociology

 When using the Library search: 

Use left hand options to limit your results to 'articles' or peer-reviewed articles and by date. More specific date limits will appear on the next screen

Peer reviewed articles are reviewed by experts in the field and deemed to be adding to the knowledge in that discipline and are therefore of high quality.

Use the 'details' tab to see if there is an abstract available. Titles can be misleading.

Click on 'view it' 

Usually this link takes you directly to the article, but sometimes it takes you to the latest issue of the journal. From there take note of the Year, Volume and Issue number of the journal eg. in this case Dec, 2004, Vol.55 (4), p. 511-29, and find the 'Archive' or 'early issues' and search to find the correct year, volume and issue. Alternatively use the search engine on the page, if there is one, to search by author and/or title for the article.