Translation and Interpreting Studies: Theses

Selected resources for students of translating and interpreting studies

Finding theses

Comprehensive information on theses, click here Theses - Library Guides, Monash University Library.

Finding theses in Search

Search by Author and/or Title, or
Search by Keywords
Include the word thesis OR dissertation in your search to find all relevant items.
You can also narrow the search down by PhD theses by searching for ph.d
Theses are availalbe in three formats, online, print and microfiche.
Honours theses are not generally held in the library. To access Honours theses enquire at the relevant University department.
For example to find Monash theses in translation and interpreting, type monash thesis translation or monash thesis interpreting and refine the search further using the facets on the left of the Search screen.
Finding full text Monash PhD theses

To date almost 1,000 Monash PhD theses have been digitised.  They can be searched, browsed and viewed at the Monash University Research Repository.

Print and microfiche theses

Check location for the branch and conditions of access

Access conditions

  • Embargo: Print and online copies may be under a 3-year embargo. Theses cannot b accessed by anyone during the embargo period.
  • Partial embargo: Print theses can be partially embargoes, meaning that they may be read at the branch library, but they may not be photocopied. Check at the branch library for more information.
  • Open access: Full text of an open access thesis can be directly accessed online.
  • Restriced access: Full text of a restriced thesis is not available.

Non Monash theses

Theses from other universities are sometimes available for Interlibrary loan through the Document delivery service, or it may be possible to order a copy either for the library collection or for yourself.

  • Check first for full text. Check Trove (Australia/New Zealand) and/or sources listed in International theses
  • Order a copy for the library collection - obtain approval from supervisor or contact librarian
  • Place a document delivery request (type "thesis" in Notes or after the title). If unable to obtain a loan, the library will either purchase a copy for the collection or for your personal use only. Postgraduates may be asked to obtain approval from supervisor or contact librarian.

Please note that not all theses are available for borrowing or purchase.

Popular Theses databases

  • Proquest Dissertations and Theses   The official digital dissertations archive for the Library of Congress
  • DART- Europe e-theses portal A searchable database of electronic research theses held in European repositories. The theses listed are open access - publicly available, in full, without charge.
  • EUI Theses Theses held by the European Univeristy Institute and it's communities.
  • Ethos : Beta; Electronic theses online system makes UK theses (electronic and paper based) available by harvesting e-theses from institutional repositories and digitising paper theses on-demand from researchers. Please note that this database is still in its early stages of development.
  • Trove includes doctoral, masters and some honours theses from all Australian and New Zealand universities and others higher degree institutions. 
  • Index to theses in Great Britain and Ireland Published since 1950, covers only higher degree theses.

Theses in specific subject areas or disciplines

For databases that include theses in specific subject areas.

  • Library Guides
    Select the Library Guide for your subject area and look for a theses or databases tab

eThesis submissions

An eThesis is a digital copy of your doctoral thesis. All doctoral candidates enrolling as of 1st July 2005 are required to submit an eThesis at the conclusion of their examination. The eThesis will provide a primary record for archiving purposes. Please note that candidates enrolled under a cotutelle arrangement, Staff PhD, MD (unsupervised) and MPhil degrees are exempt from submitting an eThesis. Candidates submitting an eThesis may choose to publish through the Monash University ARROW Repository.

eTheses submission and access information Monash University Research Repository - FAQ

You may consult the full Monash University eThesis Policy on eThesis submission. More information about ethesis submissions