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Indigenous Health: Cultural competency and safety

Cultural safety

Indigenous health professionals have identified cultural safety as the main barrier to access to health care by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (Health Workforce Australia 2011, p. 1). In a discussion of cultural safety Taylor and Guerin wrote:

"In short, cultural safety requires care to be determined by the recipient of care. It is not restricted to culture as indicated by ethnicity. It requires the health professional to reflect on their own cultural identity and on their relative power as a healthcare provider." (2010, p. 12)

Cultural competency and safety training and resources

Monash University programs

Cultural Safety Programs are available for students (via Moodle) and staff (via face-to-face workshops). They provide open and respectful environments where you can learn about Indigenous history and current affairs in a safe and inclusive environment.

Training by health professional organisations

First Australians