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Anthropology: Finding Ethnographies

Ethnographies at Monash Library

Ethnographies can be tricky to search for, so this page covers some tips on how to find the best ethnographic information at Monash University Library.



Ethnographic research

Ethnography is a very particular kind of research in Anthropology. The links below will shed more light on how anthropologists go about ethnography, and what it means to do ethnographic research.


Classic and influential ethnographies

Many ethnographies are considered defining works. Here are some lists of both classic and more recent ethnographies to investigate.


Finding Ethnographies

Red Demon Warrior

Here are some tips for finding ethnographes in Monash University Library Search.

Use the name of a place, an ethnic group, AND (ethnolog* OR ethnograph*)


Note: Using the * as a truncation will search for items with all possible endings after the *. This search will find resources using the word Bali and the words ethnography, ethnographies, ethnographic, ethnology, ethnologies, ethnologic, and so on.


Instead of ethnology/ethnography, try "social life" or customs.

Remember to use speech marks around phrases to search that exact phrase.

If you are still having trouble finding suitable ethnographies broaden your search to the place or ethnic group AND anthropolog*. This only works if you name a particular group.



Ethnographic Video Online

Monash University Library has streaming ethnographic video resources as well! 

Click the Streaming Video & Films tab at the top of the Guide for more.


Ethnic groups and peoples

Here are a few comprehensive resources to help you find out more about specific ethnic groups and peoples.


Library resources:

Internet resources: