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Biological sciences: Citing/referencing

Information and selected resources relevant to biological sciences

Citing and referencing in biological sciences

Many units in biological sciences use the CSIRO referencing style, but always check your unit guide and follow the instructions of your lecturer/tutor.

Style resources and instructions

Citing and referencing tutorials


  • Software for managing citations
  • Integrates with common word processors.
  • Windows and Mac versions available.
  • Download from the EndNote Library Guide.

Learn how to use Endnote:



  • Passing off the ideas or words of another as your own
  • Passing off your own previously submitted work as original work

Plagiarism is a serious academic offence. Refer to the Monash University Student Academic Integrity Policy.

Avoiding plagiarism:

  • Take note of where you find information
  • Acknowledge the work of others (including tables, images etc.)
  • Take the academic integrity tutorials

Remember: even if you paraphrase the author, you still need to provide a citation.