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Anthropology: Reference works

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Reference works

Reference works such as handbooks and encyclopedias are useful for definitions of terms and for brief factual information. The dictionaries and encyclopedias will provide you with:

  • definitions of anthropological concepts
  • ethnic and cultural groups worldwide
  • known anthropologists and their works

This is just a selection. To find other dictionaries and encyclopedias use the library 'Search'. Type your topic keyword / s and the term 'dictionaries', for example: witchcraft dictionaries.

  • Anthropology
  • Blackwell reference online
    - A Companion to Racial and Ethnic Studies
    Edited by: David Theo Goldberg and John Solomos
    - The Blackwell Companion to Major Classical Social Theorists
    Edited by: George Ritzer
    - The Blackwell Companion to Major Contemporary Social Theorists
    Edited by: George Ritzer
  • Gale virtual reference library

    - Africa: An Encyclopedia for Students, 4v, 2002
    - Encyclopedia of Anthropology, 5v, 2006
    - Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, 3v, 2003
    - Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, 3v, 2005
    - Encyclopedia of Global Industries, 4th ed., 2007
    - Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, 2v, 2004
    - Encyclopedia of Modern Asia, 6v, 2003
    - Encyclopedia of Religion, 2nd ed., 15v, 2005
    - World Religions, 2004
  • Oxford bibliographies. Anthropology
    Provides peer-reviewed annotated bibliographies in anthropology and its major subfields: social and cultural anthropology, archaeology, linguistic anthropology, and biological anthropology.

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