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Politics and International Relations: Home

This guide will introduce you to resources for politics and international relations.

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Politics - Historic Material


Selected resources for research in Political Theory & Philosophy, Australian Government & Politics and International Relations.

Library contacts

Contact Librarians: Louise Micallef (Matheson Library), Janet McGarry (Caulfield Library) can work with you on:

  • how and where to start researching your topic
  • effective use of databases and the internet
  • finding, evaluating and incorporating information
  • using the Library’s collections
  • citing and referencing to avoid plagiarism
  • managing your research data
  • using EndNote

Learning Skills Advisers: Roslyn Halliday  (Matheson Library), Fiona Patterson (Caulfield Library) can work with you on:

  • study methods and exam preparation
  • collaboration and team work
  • effective listening and note-taking
  • problem-solving and critical thinking
  • reading strategies
  • essay, report and thesis writing
  • writing for research projects
  • academic English
  • oral communication and presentation

Fantastic political content

Four Corners 50 Years comprises current affairs tv stories from 1960's onwards. Also from the site is an app for ipads which includes fantastic rich media content.

WikiLeaks US Embassy Cables is the site providing access to the 251,287 secret documents released into the public domain

Australian Policy Online (APO) is a wonderful research focused website which includes many new reports on social issues concerning Australia and the world in general. It is updated weekly

Slow TV comprises discussions, debates, lectures on Australian political, social and cultural issues. It is a new median in providing relevant political content, linked to The Monthly magazine

Digital archive of John F Kennedy. A new collection of historical records including phone conversations on a range of topics including Cuban missile crisis. Fascinating!

ABC Radio National - Late Night Live

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