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Politics and International Relations: Websites

This guide will introduce you to resources for politics and international relations.

Searching for politics content

Australian politics

  • Australian policy online covers research on Australian society, culture, economics and politics. Edited by staff from the Institute for Social Research at Swinburne University of Technology. Updated weekly, a fantastic resource covering topical policy issues.
  • Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library includes Mabo materials. A huge site.
  • The Age Melbourne daily newspaper
  • the main government portal designed for easy user access to government information and resources by subject area rather than organization. Links to Australian State and Territory Government pages.
  • Australian Electoral Commission includes Australian electoral history; results from Federal elections, By-Elections, Referendums.
  • Australia. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is useful in looking at Australia's official role with its neighbours.
  • Australia. Parliament includes Hansards of both the House of Representatives and the Senate; Committees of Parliament, links to the Parliamentary Library which provides a rich resource of information on current topics.
  • Australian Republic Issue: a guide a research tool linking to online resources (last updated 2003).
  • Canberra Times daily newspaper from the Australian national capital.
  • Inside story includes stories on current affairs and culture for Australia and selected countries worldwide. Edited at the Institute for Social Research at Swinburne University of Technology in association with the Australian National University. Updated weekly.
  • 1999 Referendum Report and Statistics (Australia)
  • Libertus discusses censorship in Australian media and the internet in general.
  • National Library of Australia is an excellent resource for any topic related to Australia.
  • OzGuide Internet information sources for Australian journalists, an excellent site providing links to guides on specific Australian topics.
  • Parliamentary Publication and Research, Parliament of Victoria includes summary reports on topical issues related to Victorian legislation.
  • ABC News Online Australian national broadcaster. Latest political information for Australia and world with links to more detailed analysis of current topics.
  • Records of the Australasian Federal Conventions of the 1890's comprises the text of the records of the Australasian Federation Conference of 1890 and the Australasian Federal Conventions of 1891 and 1897-8, among the most significant founding documents of the Australian nation.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald the major Sydney daily newspaper.
  • VICNET a huge resource for Victorian information and links
  • Victoria Online the main portal for Victorian government information
  • Parliament of Victoria includes Hansard of the Assembly and Council, Committees and a great deal of historical information on the Victorian Parliament and its representatives.
  • Victorian Electoral Commission includes information on previous State and Council elections.

Social & political theory

  • Ethics Updates provides links to a range of sites
  • Marxists Internet Archive lists Marxist writers / activists and provides biographical information, images, texts and reference works such as encyclopedias.
  • Intute political theory > Politics >Political theory: a large range of resources
  • Yahoo Directory > Social Science > Political Science > Political Theory > Theorists: lists theorists and links to a range of articles and general information about the theorists and their ideas.

General politics websites

  • Amnesty International provides access to Amnesty's latest country reports and an online documentation archive through the Library link.
  • BUBL LINK > Political science UK subject gateway which provides links to a broad range of political science sites. Regularly updated.
  • CGS Policy Archive. The Center for Governmental Studies coordinates the hosting of a large number of public policy documents in a digital archive. There are detailed topic links relevant to political science and international relations disciplines.
  • GenderNet a World Bank initiative which seeks to reduce gender disparities and enhance women's participation in economic development through its programs and projects. Includes publications, statistics and links to related sites.
  • Human Rights Watch is an independent NGO dedicated to defending human rights worldwide.
  • Institute of Development Studies research and teaching on international development. large range of resources from the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK.
  • International Committee of the Red Cross includes publications on international law
  • International Monetary Fund includes listings of their extensive range of publications. Series which are available in full text include Country Reports; Working Papers; Economic Issues and Policy Discussion Papers. Updated daily.
  • Intute Politics is a major resource for finding politics related academic material on the web.
  • IPSA Portal is the International Political Science Association’s official website which identifies 300 top political science websites.
  • another large range of resources.
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) a tremendous resource which identifies the activities and work of the various sections of the OECD. Reports are available in full text.
  • Policy Library provides access to research on social, economic, political and public policy issues.
  • Political Science Resources is a major gateway to resources on politics and government.
  • PRAXIS an interesting range of resources for social and economic development. Developed by University of Pennsylvania.
  • Reliefweb a project of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs provides current information and includes very detailed maps.
  • Transparency International is a watchdog organisation against corruption in Governments around the world.
  • United Nations homepage, guide to all agencies publications and current information, see also library holdings of United Nations material
  • The World Bank Group provides an overview of the work of the World Bank Group. It includes listings of their publications, some full text and summaries of a select range of publications from their Digital Library. It is updated daily.

Asian politics

European politics

  • BBC News provides continual news services worldwide.
  • ERPA - European Research Papers Archive for researchers in the field of European Integration studies
  • EuroInternet WWW Virtual Library comprehensive collection of internet resources for all issues concerning the integration of Europe
  • EUR-Lex portal to European Union law. Incorporates the CELEX service and provides free access in 20 languages to the largest documentary database on EU law
  • The Guardian is a major English daily newspaper with strong European focus.
  • Transitions Online covers news on Albania. Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turmenistan, Uzbekistan.

see also the library government publications guide to the European Union


More area studies

Middle Eastern politics

North American politics

Russian politics

  • Johnson’s Russia List is a major source of information on Russian politics, society and culture. It includes archives of articles and links to other Russian sites.
  • Moscow Times is an English language daily newspaper providing commentary from Russian and foreign reporters.
  • President of Russia is the official web site with links to the Kremlin and related Government resources.
  • Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty includes material on Russian current events.

International relations