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Nursing and Midwifery: Master of Nursing

Resources for students and staff

Areas of nursing

"Aged care nurses require all the skills of any registered nurse (such as appropriate technical skills, critical thinking, problem solving, time management, flexibility in managing people, therapeutic skills). However there are some unique qualities that aged care nurses need due to the different settings in which they work. For example, non acute aged care is far more person/family centred than acute care which is focused on intervention and cure. Areas such as person-centred philosophy; assessment and care of the older person; health assessment of the older person; and professional practices and leadership in aged care"  (

Government websites:

Australia Bureau of Statistics. Where and how do Australia's older people live? 

Australian Bureau of Statistics: Who are Australia's older people? 

Australian Aged Care Quality Agency 

Dept. of Social Services - Nursing care 

Dept. of Social Services - Aged care reform 

Victorian Government - Aged care in Victoria 

Person centred care:

CareSearch: Palliative care knowledge network 

Valuing People. Why is person centered care important? 

Health assessment:

MyAgedCare Assessment 

Dept. of Health. Health assessment for people aged 75 and older 

Social construction of aging:

Phillipson, C. (2015) The political economy of longevity: Developing new forms of solidarity for later life. Sociological Quarterly 56(1). 80-100.  Retrieved from

Diamond, J (2013, Mar) How societies can grow old better.[videofile]. Retrieved from 


Areas of focus for disaster and emergency nursing include their role in planning, partnerships, disaster response, and delivery of services. International disaster epidemiology, the disaster cycle and the science and contemporary models of disaster preparedness and management.  Community, social and political concepts of disasters and disaster management.

Australian Bureau of Statistics.  Natural disasters in Australia.

Australian Government Disaster Assist 

Australian Emergency Management  

Australian Emergency Management handbooks  

Monash University Library  Emergency Health library guide 

Red Cross emergency resources

Johns Hopkins & Red Cross. (2008). Public health guide in emergencies.(2nd ed). Retrieved from 


Education in nursing explores a range of theoretical underpinnings that impact upon the educational process in health care practice with an emphasis placed on educational theorists.

ACER core skills profile 

Australian Core Skills Framework 

Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework 

World Health Organization: Framework for inter-professional education and collaborative practice 

Aussie Educator: Learning theories & theorists 

Learning styles and preferences

University of Sydney: types of assessments

Open Colleges (AU) - How peer teaching improves student learning and 10 ways to encourage it

National Health Service (NHS - UK) - recent articles and resources on professionalism in health care settings

Monash University Library - Education library guide 

VOCEDplus - NCVER's international tertiary education research database relating to workforce needs, skills development and social inclusion

Students will study the roles and functions of mental health nurses and understand various mental health problems and disorders. They will understand the various mental health interventions and practices and the ethical and legal aspects of mental health nursing.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [CBT] 

Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy 

Australian Psychological Society 

Australian Psychological Society: Evidence based psychological interventions, literature review (3rd ed) 

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare: Mental health

Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia: A nurse's guide to professional boundaries

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario: Establishing therapeutic relationships

Monash University Library Psychology library guide 

Students study a range of evidence based therapeutic nursing interventions related to paediatric care.

Child development:

ABC's of child development - first 5 years.

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Developmental milestones 

Child Mind Institute - Developmental milestones 

Paediatric assessment:

The Royal Children's Hospital -  Clinical Guidelines 


The Royal Children's Hospital 

Monash Children's Hospital 

The unit prepares student for the role of a specialist in palliative care. Topics of content include the philosophical and developmental trends of the hospice and palliative care movement, interdisciplinary team roles and the family, cultural and spiritual aspects of death and dying. Medical, nursing and complementary therapies utilised in the care of patients with terminal illnesses are discussed. Assessment and symptom management strategies in mental status, pain control and other common physical symptoms are explored.  From

Palliative Care Australia

Hospice and palliative care news in Australia

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare - Palliative care services

Peninsula Home Hospice - includes useful links

Palliative Care Victoria - families and patients 

Patient assessment tools:

National Palliative Care Research Centre - measurement and evaluation tools

Caresearch - assessment tools

Caresearch - multidisciplinary team (Nurses hub)

Family, cultural and spiritual aspects of death and dying:

Loddon Mallee regional palliative care consortium - an outline of different cultural beliefs at the time of death


Aimed at assisting nurses to work with refugees within a social model of health to identify gaps in health services and advocate for refugees in the context of their community through an analysis of the socio-political aspects of the refugee context and an in depth understanding of the effects of torture and trauma on the health and health care of refugees. Includes skill development in refugee health assessment and responding to issues of health literacy, organization and community capacity building and evaluation in refugee health and wellbeing. From 

Cultural awareness:

Center for Cultural Diversity in Ageing - Cultural awareness 

National Institutes of Health - Cultural competency 

Refugee health:

Australian Medical Association.  Position statement on refugee health 

Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture - Foundation House 

Refugee Health Network of Australia 

Victorian Refugee Health Network 

Victoria. Department of Health.  Refugee and asylum seeker health