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Nutrition, Dietetics and Food: Information resources

Guidance and resources for students in nutrition and dietetics

Professional information



Australian organisations

Selected Australian organisations

Background reading - develop your understanding

Use reference material to help you define topics and locate facts. These resources are good for base level knowledge in your area. Information in reference material is well established in a field. All links below open in a new window

Dictionaries and encyclopedias (for definitions)


Handooks, guides and e-books

  Reading lists

Access online reading lists, including textbooks and recommended readings for Nutrition and Dietetics
Search using unit code (eg BND2042)

Evaluating webpages

The Monash University Research and Learning Online site demonstrates the finer points of Evaluating web pages. This page also has a printable PDF version (25kb)

The Evaluating Internet Health Information tutorial from the US National Library of Medicine also provides pointers to help identify good quality webpages.

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