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French Studies: History & philosophy

Library resources and tutorials for students of French

Featured: Les Temps Modernes

Monthly interdisciplinary journal founded by Jean-Paul Sartre, first published in 1945, with an editorial board which included Simone de Beauvoir, Leiris, Merleau‐Ponty, and Raymond Aron, covering the field of culture, politics, philosophy and society. The Library is pleased to make accessible in full text, every issue back to 2001, via

Les temps modernes

Go to Les Temps Modernes.

History & philosopy resources

Four online sources contain a range of reference works for the areas of history and philosophy. Find information about people (ie Sartre), events (French Revolution) or topics (French Enlightenment). Log in using your Monash account and search or browse for information on your area of interest.

Cambridge companions

Go to Cambridge Companions Online

Oxford bibliographies


Go to Oxford Bibliographies (Philosophy)

Cambridge histories

Go to Cambridge Histories Online

Blackwell reference

Go to Blackwell Dictionary of Western Philosophy

Library Search gives you access to books on located in library or available online. See the sample searches below:

A concise history of France

A concise history of France. Roger Price, 2014.

A brief history of France

A brief history of France. Cecil Jenkins, 2011.

The French Century

The French century: an illustrated history of modern France, Brian Moynahan, 2007.

French Philosophy today

French philosophy today : new figures of the human in Badiou, Meillassoux, Malabou, Serres and Latour. Christopher Watkin, 2016

Badiou and the philosophers

Badiou and the philosophers : interrogating 1960s French philosophy. Alain Badiou, 2013.

Lacan, Deleuze, Badiou

Lacan, Deleuze, Badiou. Adam Bartlett, Justin Clemens, Jon Roffe. 2014.

Below is a small selection of online journals available for French historical studies and philosophy. The links below the covers will take you to the journal detail in Search. To go to the journal articles, click on View it and select one database. To search across a wide selection of journals, use one of the recommended databases in the next tab.

Modern & contemporary France

Modern & contemporary France. Association for the Study of Modern & Contemporary France, (Taylor & Francis). 1997-present.

French History

French history. Society for the study of French history, (OUP). 1996-present.

French historical studies

French historical studies. Society for French historical studies, (Duke). 1958-present.

Rue Descartes

Rue Descartes, Collège international de philosophie. (Cairn, JSTOR), 1991-present.

Les Etudes Philosophiques

Les etudes philosophiques, La Société d'études philosophiques; Paris : Presses universitaires de France. (Cairn, JSTOR), 1928-present.

Journal of the history of philosophy

Journal of the history of philosophy, Johns Hopkins University Press. (ProQuest), 1963-present.


Search online databases to get access to high quality scholarly content.


CAIRN.INFO is a major online research database for French Studies and holds the full text of journal publications in the French language in the disciplines of history and philosophy.

Postgraduate students and staff may ask for further content to be made available in CAIRN, by contacting the French Studies subject librarian.



ProQuest is an interdisciplinary database including scholarly and news content. French newspaper Le Monde is available here, as well as many French language journals in the fields of history and philosophy.

Go to ProQuest.

Philosopher's Index

Philosopher's Index, a worldwide research database in all areas of philosophy. It is created by philosophers for philosophers.

Go to Philosopher's Index.

Historical abstracts

Historical Abstracts is a database covering the history of the world (excluding the United States and Canada), focusing on the 15th century to the present.

Go to Historical Abstracts.


Common call numbers

The best way to find materials on France and in French in the library is to use Search.
The following Dewey numbers may be useful as a guide when browsing the shelves.

Number Subject
016.44 French language - Bibliography
016.8405 French literature - Bibliography
034.1 Encyclopedias and dictionaries, French
194 French philosophy - 20th century
320.944 French politics and government
443 French language - Dictionaries
445 French language - Grammar
709.04 French art - Modern 20th Century
759.4 French paintings - Modern 20th Century
791.430944 French cinema
840 French literature
840.914 French literature - 20th century
840.03 French literature - Dictionaries   
843.914 French fiction - 20th century
849.1 [French literature in other countries] The number is preceded by a letter for the name of the country, eg French Canadian literature C849.1
944 France - History
971.4 Quebec - History

DVDs and videos are held at 791.4372 in the Music and Multimedia collection of the Matheson library (Clayton) and  at Caulfield library.