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Jewish studies: Finding Resources in Search

Introduction to Monash University Library resources for Jewish studies

Using Search to Find Books, Articles, and More!

is Monash University's online catalogue, and can be used to find resources such as books, journal articles, newspapers, and film. Search is a great place to start your research - but remember that it does not search all of the journals or databases that Monash students and staff have access to.

To begin, enter some key terms from your assignment/research topic:

Example Topic: Discuss the role of women in the Zionist Movement.

Possible key terms for this topic would be "Zionist Movement" OR  Zion* AND wom?n

Using "quotation marks" will search for the key term as a phrase.
Including an asterisk* will search for variations of the term (in this case, Zion, Zionist, Zionism).
Using a Question Mark? will search for spelling variations (in this case, woman and women).
OR will broaden the search, while AND narrows the search.

Search Help may be able to provide you with futher assistance.

While this initial search returns over 37,000 results, you can limit these to materials that are more relevant for your needs.

If you are interested only in physical items held within the library, change the drop down option to 'Library Collections' - this will reduce the results to 112.

You may then further limit results by choosing options from the column on the left-hand-side of your screen. These include: Resource Type, Online Availability, Location (by Campus), Date, and more.

For example, limiting results at this stage to those materials held at Caulfield Library would reduce the number of resources to 13.

Digital collections can also be refined. First, change the drop down option to 'Online Articles'.


You can then use the limter options in the column on the left-hand-side of your screen to refine your results futher - choosing 'Peer Reviewed Journals' will return academic research, and will reduce your results to 18,442. You may also limit your results by date.

Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals are reviewed by experts in the field and deemed to be adding to the knowledge in that discipline, and are therefore of high quality.

Once you have found an article which you would like to read, click on the 'View It' tab, below the title. Take note of the date the article was published, and select a corresponding online provider. In this case, as this article was published in 2005, either of the two options would be appropriate.

Once you have selected the provider, you should be taken directly to the online full-text of the article. (Please note: you may have to enter your authcate username and password first).