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Religious Studies: Theses

This guide is designed to support study in religion.

Obtaining a thesis for postgraduates

Document delivery service assists Monash University postgraduate students and staff to obtain theses from other institutions.


Theses in the repository

The Monash University Research Repository contains a large number of PhD theses in full-text online. In the Publications column, scroll down to Theses.

Restictions to access

Some Monash University theses may be restricted by wishes of the author for up to three years. During this time totally restricted theses cannot be consulted, and partially restricted theses may be consulted but not photocopied.

The catalogue record will note any restrictions.

Honours theses

Honours theses are not held in the library. To access Honours theses enquire at the relevant University department.

Theses submitted at Monash

  • The Library receives one copy of each doctoral and masters thesis accepted by Monash University. There are exceptions, such as minor theses and final year projects completed in some departments. Most theses are listed in Search.
  • Theses are not available for loan, and generally only the microfiche copies are available for consultation.
  • PhD theses commenced after 2005 must be submitted in electronic format as well as hardcopy and will be listed in the Monash University Research Repository. Some of these will be available in full text in the repository.

Finding theses

Finding theses in Search

To find a specific thesis in Search, type your subject (or author / keywords, etc) followed by thesis (if it is a Monash thesis you are looking for, include the word "monash").

Search databases


Trove includes doctoral, masters and some honours theses from all Australian and New Zealand universities and others higher degree institutions. Trove also includes theses awarded elsewhere but held by Australian instititions. To search for theses use the Advanced search and either include "thesis" as a keyword or limit your result to format = thesis.

Index to theses in Great Britain and Ireland
Published since 1950. Covers only higher degree theses, which are arranged in classified order with author and subject indexes. The subject index refers to keywords from the title, and occasionally from the thesis abstract. Abstracts are included for all theses since 1986. An electronic version with coverage from 1970 is available via the Library Databases page.

DART-Europe : e-theses portal
A searchable database of electronic research theses held in European repositories. Open access, free and publicly available. The DART-Europe Portal does not store theses, but it provides a link to at least one electronic copy of every thesis listed in its database.

ProQuest dissertations
Covers mainly North American theses, although a small number of theses from other countries are also included. Covers theses from 1861 to present. Abstracts are included for all theses since 1980. Abstracts from prior years are only available in the paper version Dissertation Abstracts International (subscription is no longer current).

NDLTD (Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations)
Centre of a worldwide project to make more theses available electronically. Contains links to a number of sites that make theses available, some of which are free.

THESES : NUS theses collection
Bibliographic database of items from published and unpublished material (including theses) relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and ASEAN (as an entity)

See the Theses databases for more details on finding databases.

Lists of theses

Some lists of early Monash University theses are available for consultation:

  • Nash, V. (ed) (1986-87), Monash University theses 1961-1986.
    Contains major theses submitted at Clayton campuses only.
  • Research, scholarship, creative and performing art, Monash University, 1993-1997.
    Published annually since 1970 and variously titled:
    Research publications 1988-1992;
    Research report 1973-1987
    List of research publications 1970-1972).
    Includes lists of theses accepted for higher degrees in the various Monash Univesrity departments.
  • Union list of higher degree theses in Australian university libraries, University of Tasmania Library, Hobart, 1965-1991.
    Lists, as comprehensively as possible, masters, doctoral and the postgraduate BLitt theses (but not honours theses) accepted by Australian universities. Theses are arranged under broad subject headings with an author and keyword index.