Citing and referencing: Interviews / Speeches

A guide to the styles recommended by Monash schools and departments for students and researchers

Interviews, Speeches etc.


Podcast of an interview

Format Last name, First name of Person interviewed. "Title of Interview (if any)." Interview by Interviewer's name. Title of Podcast show, date published, URL.

Gore, Al. "Episode 9: Al Gore." Interview by Bernie Sanders. The Bernie Sanders Show, 24 July 2017,

Explanation Treat the person being interviewed as the author (i.e. list their name first).

Interview on a DVD

Format Last name, First name of person interviewed. "Title of Interview." Interview by Interviewer's First name Last name. Title of DVD, Publisher (e.g. film studio), year.

BlanchettCate. "In Character with: Cate Blanchett." Interview by Simon Roberts, Notes on a Scandal, Fox Searchlight, 2006.


Treat the person being interviewed as the author (i.e. list their name first).
If the interviewer's name is known and is pertinent to your paper it can be included, as shown in the example above.

Interview in an online journal

Format Last name, First name of person interviewed. "Title of Interview (if any)." Interview by Interviewer's First name Last name. Journal, volume, number, year, page range of interview.

Hirano, Kyoko, and Akira Kurosawa. “Making Films for All the People: An interview with Akira Kurosawa." Cineaste, vol. 14, no. 4, 1986, pp. 23-25, JSTOR,


Cite this as you would a journal article.


Live radio interview

Format Last name, First name of person interviewed. Title of radio show. Interview by Interviewer's First name Last name.  Title of radio station, date, year.

Breslin, Jimmy. Talk of the Nation. Interview by Neal Conan. National Public Radio, WBUR, 26 Mar. 2002.


WBUR is the local broadcaster of a program created by National Public Radio.


Personal Interview

Format Last name, First name of person interviewed. Descriptor. Date of interview.

Jones, Rachel. Personal interview. 22 July 2016.

Reed, Ishmael. Telephone interview. 10 Dec. 2007.


To cite an interview that you personally conducted, give the name of the person interviewed, the kind of interview (personal interview, telephone interview), and the date.

Speech, Reading, Address, Lecture, Keynote speech, etc.


Speaker's Last name, First name. "Title of Presentation". Title of the conference or meeting, Name of the organization, Date, Venue, City. Descriptor.


Alter, Robert, and Marilynne Robinson. “The Psalms: A Reading and Conversation.” 92nd Street Y, New York, 17 Dec. 2007. Reading.

Atwood, Margaret. “Silencing the Scream.” Boundaries of the Imagination Forum. MLA Annual Convention, Royal York Hotel, Toronto, 29 Dec. 1993. Address.

Fensham, Rachel. “'That Primitive Box Space' - Transculturalism and Black Modern Dance." Transcultural. Transnational. Transformation. Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies Conference, Monash University, Clayton, Australia, 29 June 2011. Address. 



The descriptor expresses the type of presentation (e.g., Address, Lecture, Reading, Keynote Speech, Guest Lecture, Conference Presentation).

Only name the city if it is not already mentioned in the venue's name.