Citing and referencing: Home

A guide to the styles recommended by Monash schools and departments for students and researchers

About citing and referencing

Acknowledging your research sources clearly and correctly is an important part of academic integrity and communication. Acknowledgement may be in the form of in text citations, footnotes, endnotes and/or a bibliography.

Using this guide

This guide will help you correctly cite and reference your work to:

  • Avoid plagiarism and maintain academic integrity
  • Apply the correct citation style
  • Validate your research
  • Help readers locate your sources
  • Situate your work in the discipline

This guide contains a section for the different citation styles used by disciplines taught at Monash. 

Contact your lecturer if you are unsure about which style to use. If you are still unsure, choose a style used by your faculty.

Generative AI sources

Many major citing and referencing styles are yet to publish guidelines on how to cite and reference artificial intelligence technology sources. The examples in this guide were created based on: the style’s interim advice where available, or the closest source type where such interim advice is not yet available. 

In addition to citing and referencing, please see LearnHQ for current University advice on appropriately using generative AI in your work and how to acknowledge it.

Get help

Get help from a librarian when you need support beyond what you can find in this guide. Bookings are available for students, educators, and researchers.