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Moodle: Your preferences and profile


Preferences provides quick access to various settings you can edit. Details of the main ones are below.

Forum preferences

By default you will receive a daily email with full posts for forums you are subscribed to. You may choose to receive forum messages separately, or sent as one daily email digest with full posts or subject only.

screenshot of email digest type dropdown menu

By default, you are subscribed to forums when you post to them. You will receive emails when any postings are made to forums you are subscribed to according to your digest preferences above. You will only receive emails about forums if you are subscribed.

screenshot of forum auto subscribe drop-down list

By default, forum tracking is enabled. This means that new posts to the forum are highlighted.  

screenshot of forum tracking drop-down list

Editor preferences

The default text editor is TinyMCE HTML editor. See the Text editors tab for more information on text editors in Moodle.

screenshot of text editor dropdown menu


Configure popup and email notifications for incoming messages when you are logged in or offline.

Editing your profile

Moodle provides you with a personal profile that applies to all the Moodle units you are enrolled in. Other Moodle users are able to view your profile. This information can be edited at any time.

You can personalise your profile to share information about yourself with your instructors or fellow students, and to control how you work in Moodle. You can choose to hide or display your email address, include a photo or an avatar that will display beside your forum posts, or add a link to your website.

To view and edit your profile

1.  From the User menu select Profile, then click Edit profile.


2.  The Edit profile page has a number of areas which can be expanded to display editing options. They include GeneralUser picture, Additional names, Interests, Optional and Other fields.

3.  When you have finished editing the settings, click on the Update profile button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Note: Your profile information can be viewed by other Moodle users. Do not include inappropriate or private information.

User images

You can upload a photo or picture by dragging and dropping a file in the New picture box, or by clicking the Add icon Moodle3_5_addnew.png then Browse to locate the image and Upload this file. Your user picture will display (see example below) and can be deleted by ticking the delete box.


Tips on choosing an image:

  • Must be in JPG or PNG format
  • Images are cropped to a square and resized to 100x100 pixels
  • Large images may lose detail in the resizing process, images that are too large will not upload


Additional names, interests and optional

  • You can add additional names (these will only display for Moodle Administrators unless the Administrator has changed the default setting)
  • You can add your personal interests
  • You can also add a personal or work webpage, Skype ID, phone number, etc.

Remember: Information you provide in your profile is visible to other Moodle users. It is generally recommended that careful thought be given to selecting the information you provide here. Do not include inappropriate or private information.