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Systematic Review: Case Study - Searching - Documenting and managing search results

Searching and Documenting

Cari and Lee perform their search in each database. While they have a plan for the different word combinations and subject headings, they are aware that some adaptations are needed (e.g. for databases without subject headings), so they keep a record of any changes they need to make, and why. They also ensure they have accounts set up on each database platform, with their searches saved, and alerts for new articles. Cari now runs the search, downloading the results of each final search into her bibliographic software (after comparing a few different options, she chooses to use EndNote).

Lee reminds her to ensure that her files, including her EndNote library, are backed up regularly to an external hard drive, as well as saving key files into her electronic lab notebook.

Cari has seen PRISMA diagrams before, and decides to start building hers as she goes, using an online PRISMA generator.

Cari will begin to plot her results into PRISMA: