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Chinese Studies: ATS3011/3012


This page provides information on how to find useful resources for the study of contemporary Chinese literature, including finding literature works and relevant research materials.


文艺期刊 (print journal)

Finding literature works

If you know the title of the literature work, you may find it by:

  • searching for the literature work in the literature journal where it was published
  • or searching in China academic journals full-text database directly as the database covers all eJournals listed above
  • Searching for the literature work in Duxiu database if it has been published as a book


Searching within eJournals


If you would like to find a literature work which has won 鲁迅文学奖,for example, Bi Feiyu's (毕飞宇) novel《玉米》, and it was originally published in 人民文学. You may click the link of 人民文学 in the above eJournals list and do a title search within the journal, see below: 


ren min wen xue title search



Searching within China academic journals full-text database


You can also search for 《玉米》 directly in China academic journals full-text database. In the database, go to the Advanced Search interface, search for 玉米 in the title and 毕飞宇 in the author field, see below:


advanced search in China academic journals 


Searching within Duxiu database (读秀)


If you could not find what you are looking for, chances are that it might have been published in book format. In that case, you can try searching for it in Duxiu database.

In the database, try searching with the title of the novel as well as the author in the full text search mode(全部字段搜索) ,for example, you could do a title search for Fang Fang's (方方) novella 《万箭穿心》, see below:


Duxiu search with book title and author


Once you find the right book, you may click the book title to see more information, for example, if you are interested in the first search result, please click the title, and you will be directed to the record page of this individual title 《万箭穿心》. Then click 图书馆文献传递 to request relevant pages to be delivered to your email address and you would be able to receive the download link in your inbox usually within a few seconds. Please note that you may request up to 50 pages at a time. If you need to access more pages, please submit another request either on the same day (if the system allows) or another day.


Duxiu request


Similarly, you may be able to also find other novels and/or short stories in Duxiu, eg. 小说月报百花奖获奖作品, see below:


search for novel in Duxiu database


Finding relevant research materials

If you need to find relevant Chinese language research materials around a particular author or a particular novel, you may consult the following resources:


Searching within eJournals


You can find research materials in individual eJournals listed above, for example, 《文学评论》. Connect to this eJournal, do a Subject Search within the journal, see below. Please note that apart from Subject Search, from the drop-down menu, you could also try Keyword Search, Full Text Search, etc.


Search within individual eJournals


Searching within China academic journals full-text database


You can find good quality research articles in China academic journals full-text database, for example, to find an article that discusses the narrative art of Yu Hua's (余华) novel 《活着》, please connect to the database, go to Advanced Search interface, do a Subject Search with 活着 AND 叙事艺术, see below. Please note that apart from Subject Search, from the drop-down menu, you could also try Keyword Search, Full Text Search, etc.


China academic journals subject search


Search within Duxiu database


For example, if you need to find book chapters that discuss Yu Hua's narrative art, please connect to Duxiu, by default, you will be directed to the 图书 tab, if so, please switch to 知识 tab, then do a keywords search with 《活着》叙事艺术 余华 (use space to separate different keywords), once you find a book chapter of interest, click PDF下载 to access full-text straightaway, see below:


Duxiu database search and download PDF


If you know a particular book title that is relevant, for example, 余华研究资料, please switch back to 图书 tab, and search with the book title, see below:

Duxiu database title search